Vedic Mathematics Course

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The Future in Maths, is doing it in your Head! Learning Rapid Mental Calculation builds the mental muscle. It empowers the student to solve multiplications in seconds, promoting mathematical Confidence and enhancing the students Memory Power. Obeying ancient sutras or Laws of Numbers, the 108 Academy has absorbed the best of all formulae to deliver a Speed Maths Curriculum that is fresh, exciting and realigns neural pathways to be at their optimum.





  • Over 8 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • For Teenagers from 13 years.
  • Become a Human Bio-Calculator
  • Boost your Child’s Mathematical Confidence
  • Improve your Memory Power
  • Speed Maths will give your child the Leading Edge in Exams
  • Boost your Intelligence
  • Rewire your Brain and Neural Pathways
  • A Global Upgrade on the world’s mathematical curriculum restoring Lost Pythagorean Knowledge
  • Connect with Ancient Knowledge from over 2,000 years ago!
  • Becoming natural with the Supreme Art of Rapid Mental Calculation
  • Develop your Genius Mind
  • Dazzle your friends by performing amazing mathematical party tricks
  • Training your brain to “See The Answers” based on Patten Recognition.
  • Learn Magic Fingers, how to multiply your 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x Times Tables with your fingers!
  • Learn the Moroccan Method by curling fingers to multiply all your teen numbers like 13×14.

“Become a Human Calculator! No more dependence on Electronic Calculators which make the brain lazy. The brain is a mental muscle and needs to be exercised. I predict that “if we continue to teach children with an over-emphasis of using calculators in the class-room, over a 20 year period, then no doubt, the Global Brain will atrophy.” ~ Jain 108


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