Jain 108 Best Seller Kit (Hardcover)

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Not Sure where to start? Author of over 30 Books and various mathematical discoveries, we have diligently created a best seller package of Jain’s most recommended books.

Join Jain’s journey as we explore the Pure Principles of Sacred Geometry. Learn the Origin of Sacred Symbols that unlock Secrets of the Universe. Did you know that every protein in your body is actually a 5 pointed star? Let us understand together the pentagonal geometry of DNA. Understanding the mathematics of nature is the doorway into the higher mysteries.

What you get:

10x Hardcover Books

  • Set of 6 Sacred Geometry Workbooks
  • 1x The BOOK Of PHI, Volume 1
  • 1x The ART Of NUMBER
  • 1x Vedic Mathematics Vol 2, Multiplication
  • 1x The BOOK of MAGIC SQUARES, Volume 1

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