Sacred Geometry For Children

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Welcome to “Sacred Geometry For Children”

Sacred Geometry for Children starts with the Circle, the simple act of drawing circles, involves a synthesis of the Dot, the Bindu, the Source, the Sphere, the Torus, Meditation, all of which lead not only to freeform drawing but progresses to the mapping of infinity. As the Journey continues from Triangle to Square to Pentagon to Hexagon, the Child learns that indeed there is Order amidst the Chaos, the Inner is the same as the Outer, the Above mirrors the Below in the Unified Field of Self-Discovery.

Sacred Geometry for Children raises the child’s potential to truly understand the Language of Creation, to see the world through a new lens, to literally see the DNA of Mathematics and the timeless symbols of Geometry that is nothing short of awe and wonder, an Inflection Point that mirrors the external world back to the point of the Inner Self.

The true meaning of Education, “educare” is to elicit, draw out of their Soul that which excites them, that which they were born to Express, not to be a vessel filled with more data, more rote learning, but to take this Poetry of Numbers and engineer better designs for better outcomes.


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