Golden Ratio Course

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Learn the Living Mathematics Of Nature!

Did you know The Golden Ratio is part of our cellular memory? That it permeates all of creation like flowers, crystals and pyramids?

Join me as we explore how we are interconnected with nature and the universe, learn how The Phi Ratio I:618 intersects science, biology, physics and spirituality.

Study Golden Ratio on the Beach! Welcome to this eCourse where we delve into the ancient fascination with the Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34- whose successive divisions reveal the prized Golden Ratio of 1:1.618033988… which surprisingly is not a Number but an Ideal, a Universal Phenomenon, a triumph of successive Fibonacci wavelengths that know how to share.

It is undoubtedly a Key to all Earth Grid Harmonics and the future technologies. Yet its fundamental foundation is steeped in the Living Mathematics of Biological Systems, like when you slice an apple or paypaya there is revealed the Pentagram showing how Nature self-organizes and efficiently distributes its seeds. Yet an apple, being dimpled from above and below, is really a torus, literally a ring.

Join Jain as he shares his passion for Phi, the Sacred Cut, the ST-ND-RD, the Golden Measure, how it lives in all things, in flowers, crystals, how it explains why the elbow does not bend at the midpoint of the arm, but at the Phi Ratio, one of the many da Vinci-like Codes explained with high-visual content.

Draw the Pentagram within the Pentagram and you will learn that this goes on forever, a form of recursion or repeatability at all scales of dimensions. It was for this reason that the Pythagorean Mystery School had as its emblem the Blue Pentagram for its fractal nature contained the dimensions of the Infinitely large Universe and the infinitely small Atom. Fractal means that the Inside is the same as the Outside and only Phi 1.618… permits this natural magic of wavelengths to be shared.

Enjoy the contents of this Ancient Knowledge: presented in a stunningly educational manner: Algebra on the Beach and old-school style Chalkboard lessons by the Bottle Wall.

Allow your mind to absorb what Jain brings: these precious jewels translated into a simplicity for the modern world, revealing these essential lost Codes of Creation: the Infinitely Repeating 24 and 60 and 108 Patterns that are no doubt potent symbols of Time Codes.


  • 17 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • BONUS: Golden Ratio Webinar Recording – 40mins
  • BONUS: Divine Proportion eWorkbook to compliment the course materials.
  • BONUS: Popular Video Resources from our Social Media
  • Suitable for Adults



⭐️ Fibonacci Sequence 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34
⭐️ Living Mathematics of Biological Systems and nature
⭐️ Da Vinci-like Codes explained with high-visual content
⭐️ Fractal Pentacle, Mathematics of Infinity.
⭐️ Golden Spiral and The Golden Root.
⭐️ And much more!


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