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• Mathemagics For Juniors. Get involved with your Child’s education.
• This highly visual curriculum for Children aged from 9 to 12 is the first of its kind, introducing young children to the fascinating world of Sacred Geometry and Mandala Creation. it is also suitable for Stakidz (ages 5-8) and Keen Teens and Adults.
• Mathemagics For Juniors is a highly visual presentation of the ancient branch of mathematics called Sacred Geometry. This is a fascinating introduction to the 5 Platonic Solids and other 3-Dimensional Geometries.
• This course, rich in highly visual content, teaches the Beauty of Mathematics and Geometry.
Many children who are on the spectrum, totally understand this curriculum based on the supreme Language of Shape and Pattern Recognition.

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These Notes are in 5 Sections:

Section 1 – ABOUT “Mathemagics For Juniors: 3-Dim Geometry”
Section 3 – CONTENTS
Section 4 – 13 SAMPLE PAGES


(image of Poppy Lyne meditating, a student during 2015, Mullumbimby EarthHeart School)

Section 1 – ABOUT  – “Workbook, 3-Dimensional Geometry:
Mathemagics For Juniors

subtitle: Sacred Geometry of the 5 Platonic Solids for Juniors 9 to 12 Year Olds (and also for Starkidz 5 to 8 Year Olds and also for Keen Teens).

Number of Pages: 136
Size: A4 portrait
Self Published by JAIN 108 MATHEMAGICS in 2015 First Edition, Byron Bay
ISBN: 978-0-9872543-6-8

Section 2 – BACK COVER + BLURB:


(Picture of Iti Tiganik, aged 10 yo, an embedded student in 2015)

  • Mathemagics For Juniors
    Get involved with your Child’s education.• This highly visual curriculum for Children aged from 9 to 12 is the first of its kind, introducing young children to the fascinating world of Sacred Geometry and Mandala Creation. it is also suitable for Stakidz (ages 5-8) and Keen Teens and Adults.• Mathemagics For Juniors is a highly visual presentation of the ancient branch of mathematics called Sacred Geometry.• When the Numbers (Male Left Brain) of a Magic Square are translated into a Picture, it creates Whole Brain Learning or Feminine Right Brain Mathematics that responds to pictures. This course teaches the Beauty of Mathematics and Geometry.• A lot of this material was in the original Greek syllabus 2000 years ago and it got taken out about 100 years ago.• Jain is merely putting back into the curriculum that which was always there.• Jain talks to the children as if they were young adults, using a highly intelligent vocabulary of words like Torus, Fractal, Platonic Solids, Labyrinth all of which they understand.• Jain 108 of Australia has distilled the last 30 years of his research towards the re-introduction of Sacred Geometry back into the public school curriculum.
    100 years ago, topics like the 5 Platonic Solids, the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Mean Spiral were highlights of a national curriculum handed down to us for over 2,000 years since the Greek empire. To our detriment, heads of government made the decision, 100 years ago,  to remove this legacy from the national curriculum. Since then, students world-wide have shut down from learning mathematics due to its current dry, factory-style content. Jain Mathemagics is merely putting back into the curriculum that which was already there!
  • 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras, who lived contemporary to Buddha, surmised that all atomic structure was based on 5 humble and unique shapes, in the way they nested, one within the other, like Russian Dolls. In fact, Buddha has been recorded, during one of his deep meditations, as describing the atom as 8-sided, known then as “Acta Kalapas” meaning “8 Atoms” which fits in nicely with the 8 corners of the Cube.
  • There are only 5 possible shapes in the universe of creation that Pythagoras defined as being a Platonic Solid. They had to obey the following 3 conditions:
    1 – The shape must fit inside of a sphere, ie: all vertices touch the sphere
    ie: all the corners or vertices are touching the inside of the sphere.
    2 – The shape must have all its faces or polygons the same (eg, triangles or squares or pentagons or hexagons etc) thus all their angles are the same.
    3 – The shape must have every edge length being the same.
  • The 5 shapes are:
    1 – Tetrahedron (4 triangles, 6 vertices, 6 edges)
    2 – Cube (6 squares, 8 vertices, 12 edges)
    3 – Octahedron (8 Triangles, 6 vertices, 12 edges)
    4 – Icosahedron (20 triangles, 30 vertices, 20 edges
    5 – Dodecahedron (12 Pentagons, 20 vertices, 30 edges)
    These 5 Platonic Solids exist also in the biological world. They exist as single celled planktons called Radiolaria, which when dying leave an exo-skeleton in these precise shapes.
  • Other topics included in this workbook which covers a 9 week Course, are:
    Fibonacci Sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13)
    and the Phi Spiral – The Living Mathematics Of Nature
    Cuboctahedron – (1 of 13 Archimedean Solids: Signature = 3-4-3-4)
    (Archimedean Solids have a mixture of polygon faces, but still exist in the sphere)
    Truncated Icosahedron (Soccer Ball) – (Archimedean Solid: Signature = 5-6-6)
    Rhombic Dodecahedron – (12 Diamonds Polyhedron – Catalan Solid: Dual of the Cuboctahedron)
  • “Enjoy this highly educational  and intelligent content of this syllabus that stimulates children and adults of all ages, awakening us to the memory of Ancient Knowledge”.  Jain 108

This Children’s Book has been Extruded in part and Simplified from:

  • This book is primarily based on Jain’s classic book: The Art of Number (self-published 2012) which is a distillation of all other 25 books hitherto authored by Jain. It’s a thesis that explores the mathematical derivation or origins of sacred symbols like the Golden Spiral (Ram’s Horn), the VW symbol, the Pentagram, the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, Magic Squares and much more.
    • Its basic premise is to view Mathematics as Pictures or Power Art, that is recognized as Feminine, Right Brain Mathematics. Its like the reader is putting on X-Ray goggles to see Numbers as Shapes: the Universal Language of Pattern Recognition.
    • Jain takes the child on a Journey from Zero (The Bindu), onwards to 3 (Triangle), to 4 (Square) to 5 (Pentagon) to 6 (Hexagon) etc and magically transforms them into exquisite Art.
    • Later these Starkidz, with this foundation, will be ready to start exploring some sequences extracted from the common Multiplication Tables. Called Mathemagics For Juniors, they will learn the StarGate Maths called Digital Reduction or Compression to simplify larger digits to single digits and reveal hidden Atomic Art.
    • This book is a rare collection of the finest patterns available, and has never before been comprehensively compiled in such a visually stunning way.
    • Great for teenage students wanting to further their love of Numbers and great for adults who are willing to learn again.
    • Jain believes that if most students who struggled with mathematics were to simply have studied these mathematical patterns, and not learnt their algebra and trigonometry as required, would have seen life through another lens and developed a deeper appreciation for the Beauty of Mathematics.
    • “If I were to leave this planet and leave one gift that would best serve me to be remembered by or to share gems of knowledge, it would no doubt be this Compendium. I am excited to release these gems in the exciting year of 2012, a time when many hidden or esoteric studies are being raised into full view. I believe that these simple Mathematical Codes are Celestial Transcripts and are part of our Ascension Process”.
    •This book is a collector’s item, it is a summary of 25 years of avid research on this exciting topic.

Jain 108

Section 3 – C O N T E N T S

•  Introduction to the 5 Platonic Solids
Chapter 1
• Tetrahedron
– 4 Triangular Faces
Chapter 2
Cube or Hexahedron
– 6 Square Faces
Chapter 3
– 8 Triangular Faces
Chapter 4
– 20 Triangular Faces
Chapter 5
– 12 Pentagonal Faces
Chapter 6
Fibonacci Sequence and the Phi Spiral
–  Living Mathematics Of Nature
Chapter 7
– (1 of 13 Archimedean Solids: Signature = 3-4-3-4)
Chapter 8
Truncated Icosahedron (Soccer Ball)
– (1 of 13 Archimedean Solids: Signature = 5-6-6)
Chapter 9
Rhombic Dodecahedron
– (12 Diamonds Polyhedron
– Catalan Solid: Dual of the Cuboctahedron)

+ Promotional Posters

Section 4 – 13 SAMPLE PAGES  From WORKBOOK, 3-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY, eBOOK: Mathemagics For Juniors”


(page 10 of 136)

Exo-Skeletons of Radiolaria, a species of Plankton obey the shape of the 5 Regular Solids.


(page 15 of 136)

Using a String, the Student is asked a puzzle: to weave the shape of a large Square hidden somewhere inside the geometry of the Tetrahedron built with wooden rods and plastic joins.
Only clue, is join 4 of the 6 midpoints of the edge-lengths.


(page 18 of 136)

Fractal Tetrahedron, discovering this with their geometric models:
tetra is the only shape that is Self-Dual! ie: makes a copy of itself.
Notice also how it inverts its shape upsidedown on the first face-centred joins,
then uprights itself on the 3rd face-centred joins. Creates an infinite oscillation.


(page 32 of 136)

HeptoCubic Structure: 6 Cubes Around the 1 Cube


(page 36 of 136)

Flower of Life pattern is really Cubic. (image by Joe Dubs)


(page 41 of 136)

Octahedron: Diamond Light Body


(page 59 of 136)

Icosahedron Embedding (self-image courtesy of Aimee Monique)


(page 60 of 136)

Typical Poster promoting Sacred Geometry after-school classes, inMullumbimby,
at Living Yoga Sanga Centre.


(page 68 of 136)

The students discover that there are 5 cubes existing in the Dodecahedron


(page 82 of 136)

The Divine Phi Proportion is an important topic when learning hyper-dimensional geometry


(page 103 of 136)

Sphere Packing and Cuboctahedral Shells begins with the 12 Around The 1,
and forms an infinite sequence of onion-shelling ever-expanding data


(page 113 of 136)

Truncated Icosahedron or Soccer Ball.


(page 120 of 136)

The 12 Root 2 Diamonds of the Rhombic Dodecahedron


(constituting Mathemagics For Juniors 9 to 12 year olds curriculum)


Converting the common Times Table into Atomic Art!


The 4 Times Tables Digitally Compressed Upon the 9 Point Circle making the Enneagram Star



All The Pairs of 9, in the Digitally Compress Multiplication Table make similar patterns!


The Wheel of 24 Capturing the Primes and revealing amazing symmetry akin to the Maltese Cross.


The Tessellation or Tiling of the Lo-Shu Magic Square of 3×3 reveals the Atomic Structure of Diamond!

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Hard Cover, eBook


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