The True Da Vinci Code: Vitruvian Man eBook

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Lecture Notes PDF – The True Da Vinci Code: Vitruvian Man (103 pages)

This Presentation Slideshow by Jain 108 will explore and reveal the hidden harmonics contained within the Square-Circle geometry of the Vitruvian Man. Is the Golden Angle 137.5 degrees, the key to this revelation? The fascination with Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous depiction of the Vitruvian Man, is not only in the mass consciousness, but it has inspired artists and mathematicians for the last 500 years, to a deeper enquiry of who we are.

The Secret Golden Angle 137.5 degrees In The Canon Of The Virtuvian Man Coincidence Or Not?

The Masters of antiquity, due to political and religious circumstances at their time, hid the secrets of the Universe, in code and in art, waiting for the initiated to reveal the hidden maths. How amazing is it that Leonardo da Vinci is alerting us to the importance of the Golden Angle, by embedding it in the mystery or riddle of the Vitruvian Man, seen clearly by the small fingers that touch the 2 radii emanating from the Navel. This critical 137.5 degrees angle is revered by physicists like Einstein who took its reciprocal .007 (the James Bond Number) to be intimately connected to the Fine Structure Constant and the Fabric of Space and Time.


  • Squaring of the Circle (Equal Areas) Vs
  • Rectification of the Square (Equal Perimeters)


  • Life of Vitruvius
  • Superimposing the Circle of the 108 Code upon this: ie: The Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern based on the Digital Compression of the Fibonacci Sequence
  • Harmonic Numbers in this 108 Code:
  • Reciprocal of 137.5 = .007 the James Bond Number
  • Harmonic 111 the Magic Square of the Sun and .273 an Astronomical Number, all embedded in this Revelation of the Vitruvian Man


  • Mathematics of the Gizeh Pyramid, Kepler’s Triangle
  • and the Golden Root 1.272…
  • Jain’s Discovery of the Golden Angle in the Vitruvian Man


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