Sacred Geometry 101 Course

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Sacred Geometry 101

If you are interested in the World of Sacred Geometry, this is where you start!

This is a galactic gateway into the multi-facets of Sacred Geometry. An entry point to our diverse curriculum of Ancient Knowledge and Sacred Symbology. A Cosmic Hand Guide that connects nature to the universe and how we are all connected. Join Jain as we unravel the Mysteries Between the Macro and Micro-Cosms. Deciphering the Diverse Cosmos that connects Crystals to DNA.

Unlocking the universe with the keys to Sacred Geometry with 12 Fascinating Episodes, a collection of Jain’s best presentations to steer your passion of Sacred Geometry.


-Sacred Geometry Of Crystals
Length: 30 mins

-Sacred Geometry Of Planets
Length: 43.27 mins

-Sacred Geometry: Flower Of Life
Length: 26.19 mins

-Sacred Geometry of the Human Body
Length: 42.12 mins

-Cymatics: 432 Hz
Length: 28.54 mins

-Artforms In Nature
Length: 40.12 mins

-Golden Ratio: Fibonacci Sequence
Length: 27.04 mins

-Art Of Number: Heart Of Mathematics
Length: 30 mins

-Tree Of Life: Cube Of Space
Length: 30 mins

-The Vitruvian Man: Jain 108 Discovery
Length: 42.12 mins

-Ancient Minds Of Sacred Geometry
Length: 30 mins

-Torus: In The Beginning
Length: 30 mins


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