Explore the Living Mathematics Of Nature!

Did you know The Golden Ratio is part of our memory?
That it permeates all of creation like flowers, crystals and pyramids?

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Join me as we discover how
the Phi Ratio I:618 intersects
science, biology, physics
and spirituality.

Study Golden Ratio on the Beach where we delve into the ancient fascination with the Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34- whose successive divisions reveal the prized Golden Ratio of 1:1.618033988… which surprisingly is not a Number but an Ideal, a Universal Phenomenon, a triumph of successive Fibonacci wavelengths that know how to share.

Join me as we explore how we are interconnected
with nature and the universe.

Golden Ratio is Key to all
Earth Grid Harmonics,
the future technologies.

Join Jain as he shares his passion for Phi, the Sacred Cut, the ST-ND-RD, the Golden Measure, how it lives in all things, in flowers, crystals, how it explains why the elbow does not bend at the midpoint of the arm, but at the Phi Ratio, one of the many da Vinci-like Codes explained with high-visual content.

golden ratio course



  •   17 pre-recorded lectures
  •   7 hours of content
  •   Certificate Of Graduation
  •   BONUS: Golden Ratio Webinar Recording
  •   BONUS: Golden Ratio eBook
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Fibonacci Sequence


Living Mathematics of

Biological Systems and nature

Da Vinci-like Codes explained

with high-visual content

Fractal Pentacle,

Mathematics of Infinity.

Golden Spiral and

The Golden Root.

And much more!

Receive a Certificate of Graduation


I am a Fan!!

Thank You Jain so grateful for the opportunity to meet you in class. I have been an avid fan of your facebook page & find your work highly valuable to everyone. thanks to you this ancient knowledge will be known & passed on for generations to come.


A treasure house!

God bless you Sir, I think your work is immensely important, you present it well, your Youtube account is a treasure house, may you continue to grow from glory to love to peace unutterable. I wish you well, and I hope you will achieve success and fulfillment with your precious Great Work.


You Are Pure Magic

I loved it, you are pure magic..Didn’t have a lot of time to digest it all .I was sometimes so mesmerized by the shapes and colors, my mind went elsewhere..Thank you


Thank you Jain 108

I just finished the Sacred Geometry online course, what a wonderful thing… to be human,and the possibilities of expanding brain capacities and understanding. THANK YOU SO MUCH for teaching. Its a bliss, its the pure form of art, to teach.


I love all Geometry

Thank you for offering this course. I’m a maths teacher, and I have been interested in Sacred Geometry for years. I love all geometry – but at the beginning I hadn’t realised that any of it was Sacred. You are wonderful, great presentation.


Amazing course!

Very interesting, very informative, and very practical! Amazing course, can’t wait to read the rest of the books and to take the speed maths course. Enjoyed every bit of it. Very inspiring course for the beginner… Thank you for igniting the thirst on the art of realisation too.


golden ratio course



  •   29 pre-recorded lectures
  •   12 hours of content
  •   Certificate Of Graduation
  •   BONUS: Golden Ratio eBook
  •   BONUS: Flower Of Life WEBINAR Recording
  •   BONUS: Best Performing Social Media Videos


$275 USD

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